Spejbl and Hurvinek have been awarded prize Thalia

Lets play

Praha 6


Generations have enjoyed the humorous dialogues between Spejbl, Hurvínek, Mánička and Kateřina. In this performance, they come with a puppet variety show inspired by various musical genres. Gospel is followed by a Russian chastushka sung by a Cossack choir, an operatic singing duo replaces an ensemble of mice trainers, a blues player strums on his guitar whilst a couple of Cubans dance in a temperamental Latino style. However, even beautiful melodies can sometimes have a minor chord. And so Mr. Spejbl’s bass is drowned out by the penetrating alto of Mrs. Kateřina and Mánička’s staccato competes in a duet with Hurvínek’s pubertal falsetto. Harmony is replaced by disharmony, both in the music and this quirky family’s relations.