Spejbl and Hurvinek have been awarded prize Thalia

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Praha 6

S+H – “It takes two to…”

In the spirit of the famous Czechoslovakian tradition of conversations between comedic duos (such as Voskovec + Werich, Horníček + Werich, Suchý + Šlitr, Šimek + Grossman, Lasici + Satinský and here Spejbl + Hurvínek) with their renowned detached cynicism, they comment on important questions such as: Who’s leading the way? Which way is it? Are they going away? How could they, no way!!!

During the entirely original mental and linguistic gymnastics of Spejbl and Hurvínek, the audience discovers the duo’s life is heading off the rails, or more like off the strings.

Martin Klásek continues the authorial dialogs of S+H in the spirit of Miloš Kirschner and Helena Štáchová and keeps the tradition alive and well.

Written by Martin Klásek
Dramaturgy | Ondřej Lážnovský
Music | Jiří Toufar
Director | Ondřej Lážnovský
Creative stage design | Dušan Soták
Technology, stage and puppet manufacture| Dušan Soták