Spejbl and Hurvinek have been awarded prize Thalia

Lets play

Praha 6


(S+H Theatre Golden Fund)
We have selected this play as the opening performance of the “S+H Theatre Golden Fund” series because it is one of our most successful performances for adults. The play was staged for the first time in 1932 under the title “Spejbl versus History.” The 1970 version of the play, staged under the title “History versus Spejbl,” was awarded Skupa‘s Prize at Skupa‘s 4th Pilsen Festival. The final editing of the play‘s text for this conformance was performed by Miloš Kirschner. Nonetheless, shortly after its introduction, the play was banned by censorship. In the present series, we have decided to present a number of remarkable performances for adults, that appeared throughout the 80 years of our theatre‘s professional activity. History versus Spejbl is the first. The authors of this performance intended to reflect upon the fate of many wonderful inventions, which could have served mankind but instead ended up being abused.