Spejbl and Hurvinek have been awarded prize Thalia

Lets play

Praha 6


Ondřej Lážnovský, Denisa Kirschnerová
Christmas Eve with the Spejbls

You can surely imagine how Christmas Eve turns out when Spejbl and Hurvínek are in charge of preparations!But two guardian angels, who are on call over the holidays every year, are watching over our heroes. So in the end the Christmas feeling will find not only the Spejbls, but also audiences of children.


Director:Ondřej Lážnovský
Set and technology design: Richard Maška
Set production: Richard Maška, Marie Sajfrtová, Ondřej Drtina
Set, costume design: Richard Maška
Puppet, costume production: Richard Maška, Libuše Hnízdilová
Music: Milan Dvořák