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Praha 6


Miki Kirschner
What Mánička and All the Devils Sewed

“It’s terrible, wearing the same, old, old-fashioned clothes all the time,” sighed Mánička, enviously eyeing her classmates, who boasted models up with the latest fashions. She would give anything for their friendship and for beautiful clothes. Her friendship with Hurvínek, her granny’s love, and she would probably sign up with the devil himself. Be careful what you wish for. All she had to do was get on a tram and take a trip to Deviltown. To hell itself, where all the devils sew…
You will learn what price Mánička had to pay to make her dream come true and how she ended up in a play full of songs.


Lyrics: Robin Král
Puppet and set design, director: Miki Kirschner
Set production: Richard Maška
Puppet production: Antonín Müller
Music: Jiří Škorpík