Spejbl and Hurvinek have been awarded prize Thalia

Lets play

Praha 6


Big and small, we’ve all sometimes wanted to spend the day in bed! That was Hurvínek’s dream, and in the end it came true! But he had no idea what would happen in the Bedtime Kingdom. Lazing about all day would end up to be much harder work than he bargained for. During his Bedtime adventure, he’ll meet a confusingly ill king and his advisor Chatterbox (Mluvka), as well as the mysterious citizens of Bedtime, beings from outer space, broad deserts and wide seas.

Sometimes all you have to do to go on an adventure is pull over the covers…
The original and non-traditional scene and puppets used in this family performance were designed by sculptor and artist Jana Bačová – Kroftová.

Approximate length of performance 1 hour 30 minutes.

Directed by | Ondřej Lážnovský, Martin Klásek a Miki Kirschner, 
Stage and puppet design
| Jana Bačová Kroftová as guest
Technology and manufacture of stage design and puppets
| Richard Maška
Song lyrics
| Robin Král
| Jiří Škorpík