Spejbl and Hurvinek have been awarded prize Thalia

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Praha 6


Go to school? No way! Going to school means only one thing to Hurvínek: such a waste of time! And the result is that his dad is regularly horrifi ed by his school reports. It would be perfect if he didn‘t have to go to school anymore! As in every fairy tale, Hurvínek‘s wish comes true. He meets a strange creature with the ears of a donkey who invites him to a place called Donkeytown. A town, the stranger describes, where nobody needs to go to school, a heaven on Earth! Hurvínek immediately decides to travel there despite Mánička´s protests. And how is real life in Donkeytown? Is it really such a paradise as Hurvínek hopes? You can see it with your own eyes while following him in our new story for children!