A Trap for Hurvínek

Go with Hurvínek to look for his lost scooter! show full text


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A show based on the D S+H legendary play 

Go with Hurvínek to look for his lost scooter!
In the story with a detective plot designed for the youngest audience members as well, Hurvínek sets out to look for his scooter.
However, he is not the only one in the town looking for something, and Hurvínek now suspects everyone – mailmen, a custodian, a policeman. Or is his papa, Mánička’s grandma, the dog Žeryk or Mánička to be blamed for the lost scooter?
The trap snaps in the school attic, and you should come to see who gets trapped in the end.

Direction | Ondřej Lážnovský
Stage and marionettes artistic design | Miki Kirschner
Marionettes technology and production | Antonín Müller, Richard Maška
Stage technology and production | Karel Čapek
Music | Jan Lstibůrek



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