Hurvínek’s Wish

Hurvínek is tired of being a little boy! He wants to be a GROWN-UP! show full text


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Hurvínek is tired of being a little boy! He has to listen to his Daddy and when the attendant does not let him in the cinema to watch the film premiere with his favourite hero because he is too young, Hurvínek has had enough. Dejected, he wanders through the empty passageway when, all of a sudden, he overhears a song of an old hurdy-gurdy player. Where did he come from? As it turns out, he is not a common hurdy-gurdy player but a magical little old man who can fulfil any wish of Hurvínek. Well, Hurvínek has no need to think about it; he wants to be a GROWN-UP! As the story unfolds, you will see whether Hurvínek’s wish will come true and whether he will feel as happy as he expected.

Director | Ondřej Lážnovský, Martin Klásek
Dramaturge | Denisa Kirschnerová
Stage and marionette designer | Miki Kirschner
Technologist and marionette producer | Antonín Müller
Technologist and stage producer | Richard Maška
Music | Jan Rotter