Hurvínek’s trip to Tramtaria

A fairy tale about the water cycle in nature. About a land full of thirsty flowers, ruled by a nasty princess. show full text


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Where have those two gotten to again! All it took was for Hurvínek to catch a bit of a cold. Mánička read to him from a book of fairy tales and it all began. He found himself in a land of thirsty fl owers, ruled by the ill-tempered Princess Gerber. They didn’t even have a chance to take a look around, before she imprisoned their dog, Žeryk! How did they handle this situation? You’ll see.

Director | Martin Klásek
Music | Jiri Toufar
Puppet and set design | Miki Kirschner
Puppet technology and production | Ivan Moravec
Technology and set production | Ivan Moravec