Spejbl and Hurvinek have been awarded prize Thalia

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Praha 6



Vydejte se s Hurvínkem hledat jeho ztracenou koloběžku!  
V příběhu s detektivní zápletkou, který je určený i pro ty nejmenší diváky, se Hurvínek vydá pátrat po své koloběžce. Není však sám, kdo ve městě něco hledá a podezřelý je Hurvínkovi už úplně každý - pošťáci, školník i policajt. Nebo že by za ztrátu koloběžky mohl taťulda, bábinka nebo dokonce Žeryk s Máničkou? 
Na půdě školy nakonec zklapne past a Vy se přijďte podívat, kdo se do té pasti nakonec chytí.

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Hurvínek is tired of being a little boy! He has to listen to his Daddy and when the attendant does not let him in the cinema to watch the film premiere with his favourite hero because he is too young, Hurvínek has had enough. Dejected, he wanders through the empty passageway when, all of a sudden, he overhears a song of an old hurdy-gurdy player. Where did he come from? As it turns out, he is not a common hurdy-gurdy player but a magical little old man who can fulfil any wish of Hurvínek. Well, Hurvínek has no need to think about it; he wants to be a GROWN-UP! As the story unfolds, you will see whether Hurvínek’s wish will come true and whether he will feel as happy as he expected.

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“It’s terrible, wearing the same, old, old-fashioned clothes all the time,” sighed Mánička, enviously eyeing her classmates, who boasted models up with the latest fashions. She would give anything for their friendship and for beautiful clothes. Her friendship with Hurvínek, her granny’s love, and she would probably sign up with the devil himself. Be careful what you wish for. All she had to do was get on a tram and take a trip to Deviltown. To hell itself, where all the devils sew…

You will learn what price Mánička had to pay to make her dream come true and how she ended up in a play full of songs.

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Did you hear about the time Hurvínek and Mánička encountered a peculiar animal expert named Doctor Kytl, who had a tomcat named Primrose and a cheeky jackdaw named Franci? You’ll find out all about it in our new performance. Hurvínek, Mánička and their furry companion Žeryk find themselves in a strange house called Little Heaven, which pops up here and there in Malá Strana! In the house there is a mysterious cabinet called the bone shaker, but we won’t tell you what it’s for. We can tell you that the whole adventure starts when Hurvínek decides to teach Žeryk to speak like a person!

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Go to school? No way! Going to school means only one thing to Hurvínek: such a waste of time! And the result is that his dad is regularly horrifi ed by his school reports. It would be perfect if he didn‘t have to go to school anymore! As in every fairy tale, Hurvínek‘s wish comes true. He meets a strange creature with the ears of a donkey who invites him to a place called Donkeytown. A town, the stranger describes, where nobody needs to go to school, a heaven on Earth! Hurvínek immediately decides to travel there despite Mánička´s protests. And how is real life in Donkeytown? Is it really such a paradise as Hurvínek hopes? You can see it with your own eyes while following him in our new story for children!

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Where have those two gotten to again! All it took was for Hurvínek to catch a bit of a cold. Mánička read to him from a book of fairy tales and it all began. He found himself in a land of thirsty fl owers, ruled by the ill-tempered Princess Gerber. They didn’t even have a chance to take a look around, before she imprisoned their dog, Žeryk! How did they handle this situation? You’ll see.

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You can surely imagine how Christmas Eve turns out when Spejbl and Hurvínek are in charge of preparations!But two guardian angels, who are on call over the holidays every year, are watching over our heroes. So in the end the Christmas feeling will find not only the Spejbls, but also audiences of children.

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To Central Europeans, St. Nicholas conjures up images of an old man with white hair, a bishop’s mitre and a crosier in his hand, accompanied by an angel and the devil. Good children are rewarded with sweets whilst the naughty ones can expect a stocking full of coal. Hurvínek and Mánička are also impatiently waiting for St. Nicholas. But what happens when the absent-minded Mr. Spejbl forgets about it? Find out as the tale unfolds.

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A story about a confused weekend afternoon that makes Hurvínek, Spejbl, Mánička and Mrs. Kateřina feel dizzy, especially due to two little bears who have run away from a circus. The play is filled with pretty songs and funny scenes that will amuse and entertain all children.

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Hurvínek and Mánička enter the world of fairy tales where they meet many personages. After they understand the value of fairy tales, they promise that they will keep returning to the fantasy world for the rest of their lives.

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Big and small, we’ve all sometimes wanted to spend the day in bed! That was Hurvínek’s dream, and in the end it came true! But he had no idea what would happen in the Bedtime Kingdom. Lazing about all day would end up to be much harder work than he bargained for. During his Bedtime adventure, he’ll meet a confusingly ill king and his advisor Chatterbox (Mluvka), as well as the mysterious citizens of Bedtime, beings from outer space, broad deserts and wide seas.

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